Virtual Solutions


A glimpse of tomorrow – today. We create realistic virtualizations that create the right atmosphere for each marketing project, so that your clients will fall in love with the project at first sight.

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Virtual Reality.

Why just look when you can dive right in? Virtual reality offers the chance to fully immerse yourself in a property and discover projects in an entirely new way.



Move your customers with moving images. In a way that's emotional and drives sales.


Apartment configurators.

Apartment configurators create a simple and intuitive experience for the buyer to facilitate the decision-making process. Increase planning reliability and flexibility and simplify the shopping experience with our configurators by integrating the digital sales process right through to the construction phase.

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Office Configurators.

We help you to plan, sharpen and virtually bring to life your vision of the office. With any desired configuration, from any angle, quickly and so that it's accessible from anywhere. So that you can make your project a reality free from stress.

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Virtuelle Facility Management Tools


Supplement your visualization with moving elements and let the image becomes the ultimate eyecatcher of your online presence. People, animals, clouds, plants swaying in the wind and light effects will bring your visualization to life and leave a lasting impression on viewers.


Virtual Viewings.

The 'next level' panorama tool. An integrated video chat with a variety of control modes allows you to present your real estate easily and entirely virtually without losing track of the bigger picture.


3D scans / Photogrammetry.

Need a miniature model of your property in 3D? No problem! We capture objects using camera and lasers and calculate your 3D model from the data according to the desired requirements.

Attisholz Scanning

Light and shadow simulations.

'Light casts a shadow, and the shadow becomes light...' said American architect Louis Kahn. You take care of the vision and we will take care of showing you the patterns of light and shadow at your property – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Swiftly, accessibly and truthfully. Incidentally, our shadow diagrams are also legally binding.


Virtual Staging.

Property standing empty and customers finding it hard to imagine the possibilities of the space? We'll furnish it digitally to illustrate the many different options – with no hauling of furniture required.


3D Modelling.

Are only 2D plans of your project available? No problem – using our excellent architectural experience we can manipulate these into 3D models, whether for visual representations or as informed data sets for the integrated digital planning workflow (BIM).


Drone flights.

A change is as good as rest, don't they say? For more than 10 years now, we have been on the move with our fleet of drones almost daily and it pays off! Whether it's a photo, moving image or 3D scan, pictures from the air have a special flair.


Mood films.

Nothing is better suited for combining information and emotion than moving images. Our team of experienced videographers, drone pilots and sound designers show your property in the best possible light.


Interactive Site Tour.

We develop all of our tours 'in house' and are therefore extremely well-placed to respond to your specific needs. Whether you require text boxes, panoramic videos or map integration, our possibilities are almost endless. Make a wish!

interactive site tour

Freepano tours in new and existing buildings.

Go the extra mile. Our panoramic tours offer an interactive way to experience your new or existing property and allows your users to decide for themselves what they would like to see. The user completes the initial viewing on their own watch and you save your time and energy for the parties who show serious interest.

Sound Design.

Using musical compositions and sound design we enhance the visual experience for your customers - whether it's a VR scene, animation or interactive applications. We create auditory storytelling that fits perfectly with your vision for an even more emotional experience.

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Home Navigators.

Do your clients want to see the exact location of their apartment before they decide to take the leap? We make it possible, at first sight and first click. Thanks to a 3D web application combined with photorealistic visualizations and drone images.



Sometimes you don't require total immersion as much as an overview from outside: which is where the calm, objective axonometric 'still life' comes in. These projections are suitable for whole areas, but also for individual floors or flats - similar to peeking inside a doll's house. Axonometry is also used in a somewhat more abstract form for navigation on marketing websites (flat finders).

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Web Development

In light of the exponential growth of online services and information, web development has become an essential tool for anyone who wants to benefit from the vast ecosystem of interconnected services and resources. Our focus is on linking visually rich, easy and engaging experiences with relevant and valuable contextual information. We provide tools to digitalize, automate, and multiply, your processes and experiences.


Data Visualization.

By 2025, an estimated 463 exabytes of data will be created per day worldwide - that is equivalent to 212,765,957 DVDs per day! How can knowledge and specific, filtered information be unearthed from this mountain of data produced by our digital tools and devices? Data visualization helps you to focus on the figures and key values that are important.

Konfigurator BI

Vista Simulations.

Whether leafy green, sky blue, or red brick, we will help you to create a virtual representation of your view so that you're able to enjoy the full color palette later.