Virtual Real Estate

There are several advantages to this integrated approach: virtual visions of the future allow for better communication between all stakeholders and potential customers. And digital applications sustainably facilitate the dialogue between tenants and owners – when it comes to marketing, service and future expansion projects. Take the next step toward digitalization. For modern and forward-thinking communication.

Communication and visualization concepts of ideas and visions

In the beginning is the vision. And it has to be communicated. That's why we turn volumes into stories and business plans into convincing presentations. That way, all stakeholders can be brought on board - investors and potential owners and tenants as well as political decision-makers and the voting public.

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Virtualization of the entire development, marketing and management process

The construction industry is in the middle of digitalization. Together with our partners, we are therefore gradually building the digital processes that will enable the industry to take the next step - with extensive know-how and innovative, future-oriented technologies.

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Linking every phase of the property cycle

We link the different phases of the real estate cycle to build a coherent digital ecosystem: From vision to management. With reliable data and for more synergies.

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Long-term support with measures from one source

The digital transformation opens up new opportunities and possibilities. But it is also complex and demanding. That's why we reliably support investors, marketers and property managers in setting up digital processes and using innovative tools - with great competence, personal contacts and for your long-term success.

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Given the many varied possibilities of virtual space creation and digital communication, partners today are required to have a holistic understanding of a real estate project throughout the entire property cycle and be able to advise customers at every stage.

Matthias Knuser, CEO Raumgleiter