Virtual Marketing

We make virtual spaces real. In so doing we create a sense of place that makes the future tangible and support our customers in the decision-making process. Because making tomorrow’s visions today’s reality makes for customers who are better informed, more involved and quick to be inspired.

What does this mean for you? Our professional solutions are designed with you in mind, reducing the number of on-site visits required and facilitating valuable online consultations. You’ll also benefit from a digital presence designed to comply with modern requirements. This is marketing by the professionals – with first-class results.

What we offer

We make virtual spaces real. Using innovative tools and dedicated expertise. This expertise is the result of 20 years as the Swiss pioneer in the field of forward-thinking virtual solutions. So we are able to offer you what really matters: a wide range of services. And outstanding quality.

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3D Visualization
Virtual Reality
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Integrated marketing solutions.

Our services are not merely one of a kind, they’re also designed to provide integrated solutions. Because for us VR is about creating entire virtual universes. We embed these virtual spaces in real contexts, enabling us to create coherent ecosystems where everything fits just so – whether it’s a corporate design for the virtual showroom or the landing page that leads on to 3D visualizations and on-screen tours. We build a user experience that’s consistent across the board. For end-to-end professional solutions under one roof.

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Raumgleiter's marketing tools allowed us to take a big step forward into the future and achieve new virtual marketing milestones.

Dominik Nebel, Asset Manager, UBS, Global Real Estate