Virtual Configurators

Configurators bring a new efficiency to the decision-making process. They inform and inspire customers. And the clever features built into our applications, like interactive dashboards, digital ordering processes and intelligent processing of orders, are so convincing they’re hard to ignore. And that’s not all: virtual configurators are the ideal tool for smart facility management, both when it comes to layout planning and renovation projects. It’s undeniable: virtual solutions allow us to plan the future – simply and intelligently.

For good purchase decisions

Configurators offer important added value to marketing communications. By providing interactive content they support the sales process and help to facilitate purchase decisions. With the help of BIM connections both the sales process and the construction process can be designed in a more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective way.

Für reelle Kaufentscheide

Office and layout configurators

Planning office space in large companies or laboratories and workshops can be greatly facilitated with the use of our specialised configurators. Key decision makers and those affected can also be involved at an early stage and the proposed project can be communicated clearly. A further plus point: our tools allow for precise calculation of the costs that will be incurred.

Office- und Areal-Konfiguratoren

Virtual facility management tools

Our tools allow buildings to be managed efficiently and conveniently. Furniture, floors, partitions and appliances can be modified, managed and ordered directly from your computer. This means you can keep an eye on everything – right on screen, fully digitally.

Virtuelle Facility Management Tools
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Swifter, simpler, smarter: virtual sales solutions are becoming increasingly important. Online configurators are part of the future, no doubt about it.

Hansruedi Gallmann, Fundamenta Group AG