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Our goal is to make virtual space real. In so doing, we produce tangible visions of the future, supporting customers in their long-term decision-making processes.


Everyone’s heard of the space race. Back then, NASA was leading the pack. And now there's a race in virtual space too. Raumgleiter is in the lead, in Switzerland at least. That might be because Raumgleiter can be considered first mover and innovation leader – and it’s been that way for more than 20 years. In the creation of Real Virtuality, that’s the case too.

We have a clear motive: we create integrated visions of the future to support people in their decision-making. That is our goal. And it’s what we work on every day – using the latest data technologies, dedicated expertise and evidence-based processes. Professionally, you see, we are visionaries. And as humans? We’d describe ourselves as pretty down to earth.