Virtual Competition

Virtual 3D models provide what competition authorities need: transparent and high-quality opportunities to compare information. Three-dimensional representations bring designs to life – making tangible the urban planning qualities, staggered heights, patterns of light and shade, relationship between dimensions and open space and the effect from different perspectives as well as the building’s structure. The advantage for the evaluating body? It benefits from phase-specific depictions that improve quantitative evaluation and facilitate interactive decision-making. And for building contractors and investors? They’re also able to utilize the geometric models as the basis for subsequent phases of planning.

The architectural competition of the future

Digitisation offers the chance to rethink processes and to significantly improve the quality, efficiency and productivity of competitions. In addition, the digital competition procedure allows various phases in the construction planning process to be linked to the competition process.

Der Architekturwettbewerb der Zukunft

New opportunities for the organizers of competitions

Our procedure makes it possible to increase transparency, simplify comparability and make the whole process interactive, intuitive, non-localised and with fewer resources. The advantage: Lean procedures, objective comparability and efficient evaluation - and thus above all better decision-making.

Raumgleiter virtuellerwettbewerb auslober

Virtual model in real context

A virtual architectural model enables the jury to better evaluate entries. This allows the jury members to view the designs from all sides, compare lines of sight and check the shadows and city silhouettes. And Virtual Reality also allows the project to be experienced in an architectural context and on a human scale - both from the inside and the outside.

Virtuelles Modell im realen Kontext


We accompany the organiser during the entire virtual competition process and provide coordinative support. We provide the appropriate software and ensure that all tools for the virtual evaluation are available.

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The combination of curiosity, generosity, openness, technical expertise, playfulness, teamwork and humanity was impressive and inspiring. It made collaborating a joy.

Dani Ménard Contratto, Architekt ETH SIA, Vorstand SIA